Why do Pugs Whine and How To Prevent It

Owning a pug implies a lot of fun as they are bred to resemble us and they prove to be very loyal, smart, playful, and entertaining. However, there’s a lot one should know before adopting one, particularly what behavior problems they can show and how to deal with them before getting out of control. 

Pug whining is one of the behavior problems that most owners face, especially when it happens very often and apparently for no obvious reason. Most of the time, pugs whine to give hints about their needs, especially for attention and affection, but they can also point out certain health problems if they experience pain and discomfort.

Because this is something ingrained in their genetics as animals, dealing with this issue can be troublesome but it is worth the effort, especially in the long run. In this article, you will find some essential details about this problem and what you can do in order to stop it. 

Recognizing the principal causes

Through whining, pugs can send a message that they are in great pain. If you are unsure why he can be in pain, if there’s no evident reason, you should take him to a vet clinic to make sure you rule out any health issues. More often than not, pugs can be great whiners if they are left alone for a longer time and as a consequence show signs of separation anxiety.

If they are very used to you being around all the time, they’ll get very upset when you leave the house, even if it is for a few minutes. And also, they will whine if they know this is an effective way to catch your attention and give them anything they need like food, caress, and affection.

It is recommended to pay closer attention to how you act when you spend your time with your dog and see if there’s anything you do that is conducive to whining in your pug. This is important because if you want to correct this habit, you need to know how to react in each situation. 

Steps you can follow to stop your pug whining

Why do Pugs Whine and How To Prevent It
Why do Pugs Whine and How To Prevent It

Ignore your pug when he’s whining

By way of whining, pugs can be good manipulators – the desired outcome is to get what they want and if they know this is what happens in general when they exert this behavior, they will use this technique all the time. If you see that your pug is simply whining because you’re not giving him attention, the best thing to do is to ignore him for a while and wait for him to stop. Usually, ignorance should work, because he’ll get bored and tired of doing it without getting any results. 

Teach him to be obedient 

You need to teach your pug to be obedient and listen to your commands in order to stop him from doing a thing, but make sure you don’t use violence or scream. It works better when you are calm but imposing at the same time. If he’s gone through house training and commands, he’ll most likely be aware of certain expressions that will make him cease some annoying activity. When he’s whining you need to show him that you are in charge and you’re not really impressed by his attitude, and eventually, he’ll stop doing it.

Crate Train Your Pug

Crate training does not mean imprisoning your pet. This is a technique used by most owners in order to teach their dogs to get calmer and become more independent. It proves to be very effective when the dog is whining. You should get a crate that is just adequate for your pug’s size and make it cozy and comfortable so that they don’t feel stressed when confined in it.

You can leave your pug there for shorter periods of time and give him enough toys to keep him busy and get used to the idea. Whenever your pug starts whining, you can put him in the crate and leave him there until he’s stopped. 

Prevent Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety occurs when they’re very dependent on their humans and can’t stand the fact that they are left alone. As a sign of protest against it, they will start whining after you leave the house. In this case, it is important to prevent separation anxiety from developing and to endeavor to get your pug to understand that he is also safe when you are not around. You can simulate leaving and returning and how you react in these moments and also give him lots of distractions like toys, and stuff to chew to keep him busy. 

Adopt an exercise plan for your Pug

One way to get your pug entertained is through exercise. If he whines, perhaps he’s got a lot of energy that he hasn’t consumed during the day. Try taking your pug outside for a walk and he’ll also enjoy some distractions and a fresh breath of air.

In conclusion, whining can be a real nuisance if it happens at an unusual time for both you and your neighbors, but the good news is that it can be corrected if you follow the above steps. You need to be patient and consistent during the training period, as it will take a while to have your pug behave well.

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