Why Are Dogs Better Pets Than Cats

Dogs and cats are amongst the most preferred animals that people choose as pets. But which one do you think is better though: a dog or a cat? According to scientific research, cats seem better pets than dogs because they are autonomous, low maintenance, and cleaner.

However, if we consider other perspectives relating to our bond with our pet, dogs definitely sideline cats. If you’re looking for reasons why dogs can be better than cats, this article is for you as it focuses on the qualities that dogs have as opposed to cats and why they are a better fit for your household. 

A Dog Is Loyal And Caring 

Whatever your state of mind is, happy, angry, or tired, which one will be waiting for you to come back home, wagging his tail and happy to greet you? Your dog, of course. Cats will most likely treat you indifferently and mind their own business, but dogs will be definitely delighted to see you. They are also capable of understanding if you’re not feeling ok and will try to comfort you. 

A Dog Has A Strong Character

Parents usually welcome a dog into their family, especially for developing a sense of responsibility in their kids. Dogs have a great power of understanding. They can follow human gestures and listen to voice commands. They have a better character, and are more docile and obedient, whereas cats tend to be more selfish and won’t simply listen to you, because they are capable of handling things on their own. 

A Dog Can Be Easily Trained 

One thing that you will know for sure is that dogs don’t need litter for their bathroom needs, since you walk them out for this purpose.  You can train them on how to control peeing and pooping and they won’t do it in the house, hence no bad smell.

In contrast, cats depend on the litter box for physiological needs and you need to potty train them immediately after bringing them into your home, otherwise, they will do it elsewhere. And if you want to get rid of the smell, you need to clean all the time. 

Also, dogs enjoy training time because it means spending time with you and although are eager to receive a treat afterward, they are in fact very happy and more responsible. With cats, it’s a bit different, because they may just take the snack and bail on you when they don’t feel like doing it. They are not as submissive as dogs are. 

A Dog Is Man’s Best Friend

Dogs do not judge you and show you, unconditional love. They look at you but don’t disapprove of your behavior. For them, you are the only and most important person (until it comes to their favorite food, of course).

Cats, on the other hand, can be very judgemental, or at least this is the impression they leave you most of the time.  Dogs will make you laugh more. They engage themselves in several activities and sometimes can act so foolish that you can’t help laughing. 

A Dog Can Be As Adventurous As You Are 

Hiking, walking on a beach, or running in the park are some of the activities that you can do with your dog as well. Dogs love nature and you can take them with you wherever you want to go and because they are obedient and loyal companions, you don’t have to worry about them running away from you.

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