Tips To Prepare Natural Food For Your Dog

Why is it important to prepare natural food for your dog? Well, it seems that making dog food by yourself has a lot of benefits, particularly when it comes to the nutrients you use as opposed to the already-prepared meals that you find in the stores. First of all, when you buy the ingredients separately, you know exactly the nutritional value it contains and you know when they are due to expire, etc…

With already prepared food it is hard to say if it’s high-quality and this is not just related to the price or the brand itself. You may have already considered cooking for your pet as well as you do it for yourself, probably because you love preparing food on your own and most probably got stuck on what ingredients to use, the recommended quantity, how to diversify the meals, etc. This article comes in your help with some good practices in preparing the food for your pug. 

Know how to prepare natural Dog meals?

Learning how to make your dog natural will help you understand more of how your pet should eat and will also contribute to saving money as you won’t have to pay visits to a vet related to eating disorders. It may be a laborious thing for you to do, but at least you’ll make sure that you feed him right. 

It is also noteworthy because what you take into account first is his well-being even if it may involve a higher cost to you. Normally the food you buy is already prepared and you don’t have to pay for each ingredient separately, however, it is not always the best quality food.  

Hypersensitivity to various foods 

More often than not, pugs can deal with several skin conditions caused by hypersensitivity or allergies to certain foods and allergens contained in the meals from stores. This means that you will be more likely to spend on medication, ointments, and other stuff that aim at alleviating the problem, however, there’s also the risk that they do not prove to be effective in all cases.

Due to some premium brand foods that we buy from supermarkets, pugs can experience side effects like hair loss, scratching, itchy skin, etc. If you prepare the food for your dog, you will choose carefully the products that produce no harm and are right to be included in his diet.  

No additives or synthetic products 

The ingredients you will use for your dog’s food will be more natural as you are in control of choosing them. Most ready meals from supermarkets are overly processed, with lots of food coloring, additives, and artificial flavors, and contain toxic substances. Dogs can equally have certain reactions to any of these compounds and it can be compromising their health and skin.

On the other hand, you will choose food items that have high-quality nutrients, proteins, and grains and will ensure a healthy life for your pet. By picking the right products, you will be able to prevent skin infections and any other gastrointestinal disorders. 

Highly nourishing 

Usually, processed foods contain sugars and additives that increase the appetite and delay the sense of repletion and as a consequence dogs won’t have enough just for the meal they’ve been served and will be looking for more. In contrast, natural food will be nutritious enough due to its qualitative nutrients and will eat less, and also will not experience issues with overeating. All you need to make sure of is that the food you prepare for them has the dose needed of nutrients and this will increase the body strength of your pet. 

Edible and accessible 

There’s no doubt that natural food can be eaten and digested in a slow process. There should not be side effects from it, but there are of course exceptions. So if your dog has stomach discomfort, flatulence, or a swollen belly, it is recommended to see a vet in order to rule out the existence of any health disease. Most of these reactions are normal if eating more than usual. Another way you can benefit from natural food is that this is always within reach in your kitchen and all you need to do is just to get it ready for your pet. 

Preferred ingredients for making natural dog food 

Most dog owners consider the alternative of preparing dog food at home because the stores don’t prove to be that reliable when it comes to quality and there’s no certainty that the ingredients used are properly cleaned or fresh. Although this implies buying more products and taking the time to prepare the meal, they put the dog’s safety first, just like they do with themselves. 

Which are the most preferred food items?  

Well, meat is definitely ranked as the favorite. We normally consume meat for protein intake and energy, so dogs need it for the same purpose. Actually, most of the food they are served has to contain meat, but you’ll have to be careful to pick those types that are highly qualitative, fresh, and not excessively processed.

Meat is basically the main ingredient that should be used in preparing the dog’s food and what you’ll need to pay attention to is removing the fatty parts, skin, or bones. In the second place, you should also include vegetables as they are very important due to their nutritional value.

Just like meat, these need to be fresh and clean and properly served. There’s a variety of vegetables that you can introduce into your dog’s diet along with the meat, for example, broccoli, sweet potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, pumpkin, etc. There are some that should be avoided as they can produce certain damage and gastrointestinal problems and these include beans, peas, spinach, beetroot, onions, garlic, and peppers. 


Even though you decide to prepare natural food for your dog, try to adjust it to portions suitable for him. Take into account the size and how many meals they can have per day, and stick to a balanced diet. It is very recommended to be consistent with the healthy approach of your dog. In relation to the nutritional value of the ingredients you should use for making your dog’s food, you can find a variety of information on the internet.

Although it may seem way easier and would save more time for you just buying ready meals for your dog, in fact making it in your own kitchen with the products you individually picked is way more beneficial to your dog’s health and it prolongs his life expectancy. 

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