Few Tips On How You Can Expand Your Pugs Lifespan

We all want our pet buddies to stick around for a much longer period and for doing so we might need to know how to take proper care of them, as this is not as simple as we may see it on social media or on TV. Once you decide to have a pet, think of this just like having a baby, meaning that you’ll have to know in advance some general things related to health, behavior, adequate diet, etc..

So what can you do as a pug owner to ensure that your pug pet lives a longer and happier life by your side? This article is centered on the ways you can follow to improve your pug’s health and maintain a balanced lifestyle. Read on and find out what falls under your responsibility as a pug owner to make sure you do everything right. 

Balanced Diet for your Pug for a longer lifespan

Just like for us humans, diet and the right food are key factors for living a healthy life, so the same applies to your pug. If you feed him the right food, with high nutritional value, then the chances of experiencing food-related issues, such as overeating or obesity are quite minimal.

This means that you’ll need to pay attention to how many meals per day you give your pug and what food you buy for him. If you are not sure what is the best food or which diet works better for your pug, as this may also vary from one dog to another, you may as well consult a specialist or a vet, who will be able to adjust the correct diet or change it, if anything occurs and has an impact on his health and logic on the lifespan.

Adjust a Proper Exercise Plan  

An exercise plan should be part of your pug’s lifestyle if you want him to be in good shape. It does not necessarily imply a lot of effort, but a minimum of physical activity every day contributes to a healthier and longer life. You can walk your pug every day, not only when you take him out for bathroom needs, but also as part of the exercise plan and you can also engage him in playing with other pets, again beneficial for socializing and getting used to other beings in the area. This way, there would not be the case for excess energy and the release of hormones will make them happier. 

Take your Pug to a Vet Clinic 

Even though we make sure that our pugs are properly cared for, there are certain circumstances when specialized help can be required. Not all health problems can be avoided through a balanced lifestyle, there are also some genetic disorders or degenerative diseases that can occur and for being aware of them, we should do regular check-ups on our pugs, in order to be treated or even prevented. For doing that, make sure you take your pugs to a vet whenever you notice that something is not ok. Owning a pet definitely requires our attention to all aspects concerning health and wellbeing, so it is mostly our responsibility to make all efforts consistently for securing a longer lifespan for our pets. 

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