Tips On How To Properly Care For Your Pug

Your pug is definitely the most lovable pet you can be as part of your family and there is no doubt that you’re doing your best in looking after him. If you’re seeking out more suggestions on how you can improve your pug’s well-being, this article comes in for your help with some effective care tips.

No dirt, no bad smell 

Your pug’s adorable face covered in wrinkles and with bulging eyes makes you love him more and more and cracks a smile on your face every time you look at him, but what you should be aware of here is that you need to keep it clean in order to prevent any skin disorders.

Pugs have very sensitive skin and their skin folds can be home to bacteria and debris built up from food, dust, and dirt, which can lead to irritations and infections. This is why you should use some alcohol-free wet wipes to gently remove any impurities on their nose area, eyes and ears, but make sure to do it gently so as to not hurt your dog.

Eating right, not less 

Pugs are not that whimsical when it comes to food and will eat almost anything you feed them, so it’s all up to you to decide how many meals per day they should have and which foods are the best for them. They love eating and if they enjoy something very much, they might ask for more. But you can’t just feed him all day long, as they may soon develop problems with obesity and this is not the scenario you’re looking for.

You can feed him many times per day by giving him small portions and making sure it’s high-quality food. Also, you can adjust a meal schedule depending on the size and age of your pug. And if you want to make it alright from the beginning, you can ask a vet what your pug’s diet should consist of. 

More activity, less boredom

A minimum of physical effort means no harm to any being, pugs included. If you want to make sure that your pug’s body gets stronger, then you should allocate some time for physical activity every day. Having an exercise plan for your pet will reduce excess energy, and boredom and your pug will be much happier. Along with eating right, a daily dose of exercise will keep your dog in a good shape, no doubt. 

Combing the excessive hair 

One fun fact about your pug is that he sheds his hair all the time and not only during a specific season. So there’s no wonder that you’ll see strands of hair all over the place. This is just normal and you’ll have to choose suitable grooming products. To ensure that you don’t just stumble upon hairs everywhere you sit, you can comb his fur daily and it is recommended to use a metal tooth comb. 

Health above all 

Probably the most important aspect of looking after your pug is to make sure that he is healthy and does not develop disorders of any kind. Vet bills might cost a lot, but if there’s anything that is serious in terms of his health, you should seek specialized care. If you adopted him from a very young age, make sure he’s got all the vaccines done.

Also, make sure that the environment he lives in is very clean all the time to prevent him from getting an infection. Spending time with your pug and showing affection towards him is also part of his care. They don’t need way too much to be happy, they love just having you around and cuddling in your lap. 

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