Pug Puppy Training – Tips For A Proper Pug Training

Pugs are renowned for being stubborn dogs and training them can be quite challenging, but essential for good behavior. There are some house rules they need to learn and understand, as most of their time will be spent indoors and for that, you need to start a training schedule. It will require a lot of patience and diligence from you as a pug owner, but in the long run, it will prove to be effective, and won’t have to deal with issues such as peeing or pooping elsewhere, disobedience, or aggressive manifestations.

When training your pug, you will teach him what he is allowed to do and where, and will be focusing on certain commands that will make him act right but the good habits they need to adopt, as well. Moreover, it is the best opportunity to bond with your pet and win his heart. Another important thing is to make your pug understand he’s behaving correctly, so treats should be used as rewards – this is by far the most effective way to get your pug to learn tricks. 

House training should be adjusted depending on various factors such as age, the environment they lived in before adoption, their personality, etc. So what steps do you need to follow to train your pug puppy correctly? In the following section, we have some insights for you that can help you get started. 

Start Your Pug Puppy Training Early 

In general, pugs reach adult age when they are 1 year old, but will continue to manifest puppy behaviors. You need to have them trained by then and since this can be a long-lasting process, depending on your pup’s personality, you should start earlier, when they are 2-3 months, and get to understand the environment and his new family. Pugs will be easier to learn the teachings before 6 months of age, after that it can present more challenges due to their stubbornness and hard time focusing on something. 

How To Make Your Pug Puppy Obedient 

During the training, your pug puppy must learn when and where he is allowed to go out for bathroom needs. In doing so, you need to get him to understand that peeing or pooping should be done at specific times and in a designated area and this requires consistency until it becomes a habit. As puppies, they adopt habits and shape their personality, so when they do something you don’t agree with, you need to make them aware and teach them certain commands like “Sit”, “Leave it“, “Stop” etc.

Here you can use certain rewards, treats or lap holding and caressing, and paying this attention to your puppy, will reinforce positive behavior. You should never use violence or harsh punishment when training your pug as it will encourage depression and aggression in your pet. 

Crate Training 

Most pug owners use a crate during the training process and confine their pets in a smaller place. This is indeed effective especially when they behave very badly or when we try to correct bad habits like jumping on people, biting, growling, and chewing on stuff. If we confine them in a crate, the space should be comfortable enough, with toys and water, to keep them relaxed and hydrated. 

In conclusion, pug puppy training is essential in developing good habits and becoming obedient to you. Although it is not as easy as it seems, you need to be patient and do the right thing and you will achieve the desired results. It is never too late to start training your pug, but if you do it earlier, it will be better done from the beginning and easier to correct if anything changes in the future. 

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