What Pug Owners Should Know About Epulis

You think that your Pug has Epulis – now what are you going to do? First, take a deep breath. Now, we’re going to go over some of the specifics of this disease and what you can expect to happen. These details outline Epulis so you’ll be able to determine the best line of treatment […]

Should You Buy Pet Insurance For Your Pug?

When you get sick and go to the doctor, you are probably just charged a copay and your insurance plan covers the rest of the cost. Pet insurance works in a similar way, though there are some important differences between health insurance for people and for pets. If you’ve been thinking about getting pet insurance […]

Homemade Food For Pugs

You may be thinking about home cooking for your Pug to prepare a special dinner now and then or as an everyday alternative to offering kibble. Either way, homemade dog food can be a healthy choice. A flavorful and nourishing dish: Fresh beef with spinach, lima beans, green beans, carrots, and baby peas, along with […]

A Vaccination Program For Pugs

Vaccines protect your pug against infectious diseases that often pose grave threats to their health and endanger their lives. As with other breeds of dogs, a Pug will have to start receiving vaccinations at an early age. The mother of a pug that has received complete vaccinations her whole life is able to transmit a […]

10 Tips To A Healthy Pug

When it comes to a Pugs’ health, like any other dog, things can go wrong. In fact, based on statistics, you can pretty much expect at least one major health crisis in your Pug, usually two. There’s nothing you can do about these things. You just can’t change fate. But there are things, some obvious […]

Ever Wonder Why Your Pug Stares At You All The Time?

Hi! Do you ever wonder why your pug stares at you all the time? You look up from whatever you’re doing and find your dog staring at you. You check the clock; it’s not time to feed, not the time for his afternoon walk. Or you’re watching TV and you suddenly get that unconscious feeling […]

5 Tips Tp Keep Your Pug From Overheating During Summer

As a brachycephalic (short-nosed) dog breed, pugs lack the ability to regulate their body temperature as easily as other dog breeds. In simple terms, dogs with “normal” snouts can keep themselves cool in summer by releasing heat and cooling incoming air. Brachycephalic dogs, however, lack this ability due to their unusually small air passages and […]

How Much Exercising Do Pugs Need?

“How much exercise does a pug need?” is definitely one of the most common questions we come across from those looking to welcome pugs into their families, as well as those who are already pug owners. The best way to answer this question is: Generally, pugs do not require huge amounts of exercise. Having said […]