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A New Addition – Don’t Get A Pug Before You Read This

Most of my followers are PUG-OBSESSED like I am, but for those joining the Weekly Runt interested in adding a Pug to your family, I want to educate you on some important facts about this special breed so you are not “unpleasantly” surprised! Believe it or not I never originally wanted a dog. I actually dreaded […]

Best Harnesses for Pugs

Pugs are a unique dog breed, which needs attention and affection, besides specific products to make their lives easier and healthier. Obviously, their dimensions require specialized care equipment and products, but what you really need to consider when buying accessories for your pug pup, is their brachycephalic condition. Just as Shih Tzus, Boston Terrier, Boxers, […]

All About Pugs: Introducing The Most Pugtastic Dog Breed

Pugs are mischievous, adorable and oh-so-cuddly – making them impossible to resist. They are also one of the oldest dog breeds, originating prior to 400 BC! The AKC recognized the breed in 1885, and all these years later the pug stands as the 34th most popular dog breed. Due to their small size, medium energy […]

The PUG – This dog breed is a VIP of its own making

The famous painter pauses when his subject breaks his pose, stretches, and yawns widely. “Bill,” says the subject. “This is boring. B-O-R-I-N-G. I’m sick of being painted. I need a pee break and a snack.” With a smile, the painter says, “But Trump, my boy, I need you. This is a portrait of a VIP […]

Neutering Impact on Your Pug

When you get a Pug puppy it is a good idea to start thinking about neutering. The benefits of this definitely outweigh the disadvantages. Getting neutered will help your dog in many ways, such as health and behaviour. There are so many advantages to having your pet neutered that it is recommended by most professionals. […]

What Every Pug Owner Needs to Know

We all heard the phrase that dogs are a man’s best friend. What we don’t hear in the dog world as often is that friendship and loyalty need to be earned. So today I wanted to briefly talk about why so many people struggle with their Pugs and what it actually takes to raise a […]

Great Ideas to Keep Your Pup Happy – Best Toys for Pugs

Offering a rotating selection of the best toys for Pugs is important to keep your Pug happy and healthy! If you are a first-time Pug parent, you may not yet know much about the dog breed or what they like to do for fun. How exciting – you have so many things to learn about […]