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Ever Wonder Why Your Pug Stares At You All The Time?

Hi! Do you ever wonder why your pug stares at you all the time? You look up from whatever you’re doing and find your dog staring at you. You check the clock; it’s not time to feed, not the time for his afternoon walk. Or you’re watching TV and you suddenly get that unconscious feeling […]

When It’s Time To Say Goodbye

This is by far the saddest and most difficult blog I’ve written as it deals with the hardest thing about being a pet-owner: Saying goodbye! August 16th marks the 3 year anniversary since we sent our darling Pug Raisin to run free at Rainbow Bridge. In that time I have learned a lot. I hope […]

Secret Service – How To Get Your Dog Into Therapy Work And Why You Should

My blog this week is two-fold. I first want to clarify the often misunderstood differences between a “Therapy”, ESA (Emotional-Support-Animal) and a “Service” dog. I also want to introduce you to the many rewarding opportunities in therapy dog work and let you know how to get involved. I will never forget the horror I felt […]

All About Pugs: Introducing The Most Pugtastic Dog Breed

Pugs are mischievous, adorable and oh-so-cuddly – making them impossible to resist. They are also one of the oldest dog breeds, originating prior to 400 BC! The AKC recognized the breed in 1885, and all these years later the pug stands as the 34th most popular dog breed. Due to their small size, medium energy […]

The PUG – This dog breed is a VIP of its own making

The famous painter pauses when his subject breaks his pose, stretches, and yawns widely. “Bill,” says the subject. “This is boring. B-O-R-I-N-G. I’m sick of being painted. I need a pee break and a snack.” With a smile, the painter says, “But Trump, my boy, I need you. This is a portrait of a VIP […]

Tips for House Training your Pug

What is the very first thing you want to teach your new puppy? In my experience it is to teach him the right way and place to go to the bathroom. Your precious little pug doesn’t yet know how to do this correctly and its your responsibility as his caretaker to teach him. When I […]

Great Ideas to Keep Your Pup Happy – Best Toys for Pugs

Offering a rotating selection of the best toys for Pugs is important to keep your Pug happy and healthy! If you are a first-time Pug parent, you may not yet know much about the dog breed or what they like to do for fun. How exciting – you have so many things to learn about […]