Pug Training vs Pug Learning

We thought based on the sheer number of housetraining questions we receive, that it was time to explain the “dogs are trained to make outside” statement in the hopes that it will provide a greater understanding as to what housetraining a dog is really about. Pugs Ain’t People: There is a human tendency to treat […]

Basic Training Equipment For Your Pug

There is a variety of equipment available to use during your Pug’s training. Start with the basics, pay attention to how your dog responds to them, and try to make decisions based on your dog’s successes rather than failures. For basic obedience training, a simple flat buckling collar and a 4 to 6-foot leash are […]

Adult Pugs: Are They Trainable?

Having a Pug for a pet can be a challenge for you since it can be as stubborn and independent as it is loyal, loving, and playful. Training them to behave properly can certainly be a handful undertaking and considerably needs your time, patience, commitment, and perseverance. This is especially true you are training is […]