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Socializing Your Pug Puppy – Keep Her Happy And Active

Socializing your pug puppy is a key part of keeping her active and happy. Pug puppies need to socialize with other dogs. They need to be exposed to new challenges. Let them make use their amazing intellect, mark out their boundaries, do doggy things and see new faces. Quick Navigation The First Twelve WeeksIt will […]

How Can I Stop My Pug Scratching And Digging In His Bed?

Hi, thanks for visiting. Today let’s look at how you can stop your Pug scratching and dig in his bed. For most dog owners, who let their dogs share the bed this is simply a fact of life. You’re just about to go to sleep when your dog jumps up and begins to dig and […]

My Pug Puppy Cries At Night – Will Crate Training Help?

Hey, everyone. Thanks for all those lovely comments I really like hearing from you. Please keep them coming. Just last week our friends Wesley and Prim came over complaining that their Pug puppy cries at night. Pug puppies that have just left the litter often cry at night. They are crying frightened, lonesome and having […]

Crate Training Tips For Your Pug Puppy

Puppy crate training is a great way to manage the safety and well-being of Pug puppies. It is a great tool for creating good habits in puppies and for preventing problem behaviors. We crate train Pug puppies for their benefit, and that’s the main reason to do it. As well, it also helps protect the […]

7 Choices For Successful Pug Housetraining

Choose the method of housetraining that is right for you No two people are alike, no two lifestyles are alike, no two Pugs are alike. Given these three simple facts, your best bet is to choose a method of housetraining that is best for you. What worked for your friend and her Pug may not […]