PDE In Pugs – Just The Facts

Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE) is probably a Pug owner’s greatest concern and worst fear. Unfortunately, very little is known about this disease, however, what is known, for certain, is presented here for the benefit of Pug owners and those considering Pugs as their breed of choice. Please note that this article serves only as an […]

What Is Pug Dog Encephalitis?

What many people love about the Pug breed are their friendly personalities and their adorable, wrinkled faces. Unfortunately, Pugs are prone to a very serious brain disorder called encephalitis that can develop quickly and is often fatal. To protect your Pug against this dangerous disease, learn the warning signs and symptoms. Overview of Pug Dog […]

Pug Genetic Issues

One of the things everyone should know about when deciding on getting a dog are the health issues specific to the breed of dog they’re considering buying. Pugs, like most other breeds, have their share of breed-specific health issues, and this article, though not complete, should serve as a primer to understanding what those more […]