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Pug Puppies – Important Features

There are many features that are distinctive to Pug puppies. However, the features they are most recognized for is their large round head, well-defined wrinkles on the face and forehead, and their short black muzzle. Their muzzle, in particular, is exceptionally short, flat and square. That being said, it does not give the Pug an […]

Why You Probably Shouldn’t Breed Your Pug?

Nothing is more adorable than a roly-poly Pug puppy. These little dogs only grow to a maximum size of around 18 pounds, so they are very small puppies. Pug puppies are an absolute delight, but they do come with some challenges and, if you multiply those challenges by an entire litter of puppies, they become […]

What Is Pug Dog Encephalitis?

What many people love about the Pug breed are their friendly personalities and their adorable, wrinkled faces. Unfortunately, Pugs are prone to a very serious brain disorder called encephalitis that can develop quickly and is often fatal. To protect your Pug against this dangerous disease, learn the warning signs and symptoms. Overview of Pug Dog […]

Top 5 Most Interesting Facts About Pugs

Pugs are happy-go-lucky little dogs and they have been known to develop a bit of a clownish side. This, combined with the breed’s friendly nature and gentle disposition makes for a wonderful family pet. Though these are some of the best qualities of the Pug breed, there is so much more to love about these […]

9 Unique Facts About The Wonderfully Weird Pug

They’re cute, they’re comical, and they’re adorably chubby – it is easy to see why any dog lover will love a pug. Pugs stand apart from other dogs breeds not just because of their unique appearance, but by their silly attitude. Generally described as “clowns,” pugs charm their owners with their playful sense of humor. […]

Everything You Need To Know About The Pug Dog Breed

A Pug is one of the best dogs to raise. It is docile, friendly, and charming, which are some of the most pertinent characteristics that Pug lovers look out for! Keep reading for more details. Dogs have been described as man’s best friend. No dog breed embodies this age-old saying more than the Pug breed. […]

Read This Before You Get A Pug

Before you adopt a PugBefore you make any important decision in your life, you should always do some research beforehand. Adding a new dog to your household is not a small decision. You’re taking on the responsibility of owning and caring for another living being. Unfortunately a lot of people forget this and end up […]

Pug Origins Revealed – A Short History Of The Pug Breed

Hey, everyone. If you have one of these dogs then here are some pug origins that may surprise you. With those almost impossibly large bright eyes and a button for a nose, the pug’s mug seems to simultaneously express that it has the weight of the world on its shoulders and a desperate need for […]