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Secret Service – How To Get Your Dog Into Therapy Work And Why You Should

My blog this week is two-fold. I first want to clarify the often misunderstood differences between a “Therapy”, ESA (Emotional-Support-Animal) and a “Service” dog. I also want to introduce you to the many rewarding opportunities in therapy dog work and let you know how to get involved. I will never forget the horror I felt […]

Puppy Love… Heart Healthy Benefits Of Owning A Dog

No question, our pups fill our hearts with love but they also play an important role in the vital health of that organ as well. You may be very surprised to learn dogs offer much more than just companionship. The following are 10 health benefits of owning a dog you may not have known:​ 1. […]

Dog Breath – Ignoring This Could Be Deadly

February is Doggy Dental Health Care month and believe it or not, this is a crucial element of your pup’s overall health. Here’s some very important tips and facts for you to “brush-up” on: I always thought people who brushed their dog’s teeth were being a tad obsessive, but when my vet informed me they […]

Neutering Impact on Your Pug

When you get a Pug puppy it is a good idea to start thinking about neutering. The benefits of this definitely outweigh the disadvantages. Getting neutered will help your dog in many ways, such as health and behaviour. There are so many advantages to having your pet neutered that it is recommended by most professionals. […]

What Every Pug Owner Needs to Know

We all heard the phrase that dogs are a man’s best friend. What we don’t hear in the dog world as often is that friendship and loyalty need to be earned. So today I wanted to briefly talk about why so many people struggle with their Pugs and what it actually takes to raise a […]