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Why Are Air Purifiers Essential For Dog Owners?

Millions of people around the world have dogs and other pets. While they make you happy and put a big smile on your face, they can be a nightmare in terms of air quality and allergies. In order to keep your home environment healthy and harmonious, having an air purifier for pets can be a […]

Good To Know As Pug Owners

Pugs are playful, perky and charming dogs. They are often rambunctious but are quite loyal. Overall the Pug has proved to be an affectionate dog with a happy disposition. Pugs are not fond of barking and are very sociable canines. They enjoy the company of children, strangers, and other family pets. They are intelligent and […]

5 Ways to hang out with dogs on vacation

Going on vacation without your pet? That doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend the entire time dog-less. Here are five ways to hang out with dogs while on vacation. United Paws Program Travelling can be super stressful, especially during the holidays. Thousands of anxious travellers running through airports, figuring out their gate number, and rummaging […]

The secret to a successful pet travel

By now, our two pups have been on more trains, planes, and automobiles than I can count. They’re seasoned travellers, with more countries and cities under their belts than the average American. I take pride in their travels, but not because they’re notches on a belt; I genuinely love my dogs and I have an unquenchable […]

The Truth About Loving A Pug

This is the story of my funny, affectionate, adventurous and loving little friend, Poppy Pug. I rehomed Poppy when she was one year old. She had already lost an eye after getting her head stuck in a closing door. This type of injury is common in flat-faced dogs, because their skulls are so compressed that […]

9 Unique Facts About The Wonderfully Weird Pug

They’re cute, they’re comical, and they’re adorably chubby – it is easy to see why any dog lover will love a pug. Pugs stand apart from other dogs breeds not just because of their unique appearance, but by their silly attitude. Generally described as “clowns,” pugs charm their owners with their playful sense of humor. […]

Save A Rent Payment In Vet Bills Doing These 5 Things

It seem like we’re paying a lot of money for vets who are still “in-practice!” That was my poor attempt at veterinary humor. In all seriousness, if you welcome vet bills like a rash, here are a few simple tips to keep you splurging on your shoe addiction while also allowing your pooch to be […]

Puppy Love… Heart Healthy Benefits Of Owning A Dog

No question, our pups fill our hearts with love but they also play an important role in the vital health of that organ as well. You may be very surprised to learn dogs offer much more than just companionship. The following are 10 health benefits of owning a dog you may not have known:​ 1. […]

Everything You Need To Know About The Pug Dog Breed

A Pug is one of the best dogs to raise. It is docile, friendly, and charming, which are some of the most pertinent characteristics that Pug lovers look out for! Keep reading for more details. Dogs have been described as man’s best friend. No dog breed embodies this age-old saying more than the Pug breed. […]