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Human Foods That Can Be Fatal For Your Pug

Human Foods That Can Be Fatal For Your Pug

When considering adopting a pug, one thing that is paramount in caring for them is what food you are allowed to give them which can be detrimental to their health and even fatal. You might be thinking that what is good and healthy for us can have the same effect on them, but that is not true. Not all human foods are good for dogs. Some of these should be avoided in order to prevent our pets from getting sick. There are certain foods that you may have given to your dog as a reward for good behavior, whereas you…

Why do pugs have health problems - PugsTime

Why do Pugs have Health Problems?

When you decide to adopt or buy a pug, there are certain aspects you need to know about this dog breed, notably the health problems they are predisposed to during their lifetime. Brachycephalic dogs, namely with flat faces and compact skulls, can face many health problems such as skin disorders, respiratory issues, neurological disease, joint issues, and also others, depending on how well they are bred. What is wrong with Pugs? In addition to health problems, there are also some behavioral features specific to pugs. They are constantly shedding – unlike other canines that shed during certain seasons, pugs shed…

How can I stop pug from peeing in the house?

How can I stop Pug from peeing in the House?

Stop Pug from peeing in the house. As a pet owner, it may not be a good surprise to come back home and notice a liquid stain on your favorite rug and there’s no need to guess who did it. This can happen to your pug too. These events can be rare and regarded as accidents, even though your pug was thoroughly house-trained on the dos and don’ts. However, if they begin to occur more often, you need to determine whether it is a health issue or just a matter of behavior that needs to be fixed immediately. In any…