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Pug Behavior Problems Every Owner Should Know

These wrinkly-faced dogs are great pets to have around due to the social skills they can make proof of. Nevertheless, they can also manifest certain behavioral problems which any pug parent should take into account and find a way to ward off.  Behavioral problems are manifestations or unwanted reactions in certain situations. They do not necessarily have a direct connection with pets being or not being trained. The causes of behavioral problems in pugs can be multiple: genetic, medical, psychological, trauma, training, or educational errors, (caress and excessive permissiveness of owners, which lead to non-recognition of their authority), etc.. Just…

Pug Biting – How To correct This Issue Before It Becomes More Serious - PugsTime

Pug Biting – How To Correct This Issue Before It Becomes More Serious

Pug biting is usually a normal behaviour and it is fairly common in pups who tend to do it when playing with their owner or other dogs. However, this kind of behaviour should not be tolerated at all times because it can turn into a permanent habit and have bigger consequences in the long run.  If it happens more frequently and even implies injuries, you should put some effort into unteaching this bad habit and this will require more patience as it won’t happen overnight. One important thing is to prevent it before they even start to manifest it too…