Few Tips On How You Can Expand Your Pugs Lifespan

Few Tips On How You Can Expand Your Pugs Lifespan

We all want our pet buddies to stick around for a much longer period and for doing so we might need to know how to take proper care of them, as this is not as simple as we may see it on social media or on TV. Once you decide to have a pet, think of this just like having a baby, meaning that you’ll have to know in advance some general things related to health, behavior, adequate diet, etc.. So what can you do as a pug owner to ensure that your pug pet lives a longer and happier…

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Why do Pugs have Health Problems?

When you decide to adopt or buy a pug, there are certain aspects you need to know about this dog breed, notably the health problems they are predisposed to during their lifetime. Brachycephalic dogs, namely with flat faces and compact skulls, can face many health problems such as skin disorders, respiratory issues, neurological disease, joint issues, and also others, depending on how well they are bred. What is wrong with Pugs? In addition to health problems, there are also some behavioral features specific to pugs. They are constantly shedding – unlike other canines that shed during certain seasons, pugs shed…