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Socializing your pug puppy is a key part of keeping her active and happy.

Pug puppies need to socialize with other dogs. They need to be exposed to new challenges. Let them make use their amazing intellect, mark out their boundaries, do doggy things and see new faces.

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  • It will be as if she has lived there forever.
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It’s your job socializing your happy pug puppy so that she will be able to fit into the human world.

Take your little pug to the local dog park so that she can to spend time outdoors without a leash. These parks also allow your puppy to socialize in a peer group.

Housetraining Pugs

The First Twelve Weeks

A good breeder will make sure that the pug pups passed from hand to hand.When you get them they will be used to the sound of household appliances like TVs, vacuums , washing machines the front doorbell etc.

Pups raised in secluded conditions will have trouble settling into a new unfamiliar environment. Make sure is a happy pug puppy.

Start socializing your pug puppy as soon as you get home. Remember to keep her happy.

Introduce her to new people, places, objects and situations. The first twelve weeks of a puppies life are the most formative. During this three-month period the puppy learns about the world in which he lives.

Failure to socialize your pug puppy during this all-important window of time could cause future behavioral problems. These may include fear of anything and anyone the dog runs into or, even worse biting.

It Will Is As If She Has Lived There Forever.

Bringing your pug home for the first time, don’t be surprised if she intensely sniffs everything in the environment over and over. After a while, she’ll know every nook and cranny and this sniffing will stop. She will then become relaxed and happy.

Pugs have a very strong urge to record all the scents of their environment and will take up sniffing again if something changes. As soon as you’ve introduced him to all the rooms in your house and the backyard take him into the street and the local park.

The most productive walk to begin socializing your pug puppy is one that takes you passed an abundance of stimuli that the dog may see smell or hear walking down your own street.

Ever Wonder Why Your Pug Stares At You All The Time?

Two Cardinal Rules For Socializing Your Pug Puppy

Never pet her when she’s afraid. Always praise her for being brave.

When your puppy seems fearful do not reassure with petting and soothing words. She will think that you are praising her for being brave.

Pugs will repeat whatever actions make their owners happy. Never yank your pug toward what she fears.

That kind of treatment will likely turn a little trepidation into abject terror. Encourage your pug puppy by your own example.

If she is afraid to go near something, leave him/her just where they are and go yourself. Sit down next to the feared object.

The dog will probably start creeping over but withhold your praise until he touches the object with his nose.

Dogs are affectionate animals but they need to learn that when you touch them, you are not a threat.

While older children can take a puppies rambunctious behavior in stride, younger kids might be overwhelmed when your Pug is his trying out of his growl, or making aggressive-looking leaps into their arms.

When implementing your puppy socialization program with young children, you need to be on the spot, supervising your puppies every move. Just one little playful nip can send a child into tears.

You need to be on the scene to make sure that your puppies playful gestures don’t result in a fear of your new pet.

Meeting The Kids

At the same time, let the kids know that it’s not OK to sit on Percy, or pull his ears or whatever.

This part of socializing your pug puppy provides a good lesson for both kids and puppy. A puppy will rapidly master how to acknowledge members of his new human pack.He’ll pick up their scent and the noise of their voices.

The puppy will learn that there is no threat. He will know that its safe to explore and meet new friends and situations without being fearful.

Pug Eye Problems

Getting Your Pug Puppy Used To Strangers

This brings us to regular visitors to your home, who, while not being a family member or neighbor, still show up at your door..

The mailman is a case in point. Part of your socializing your pug puppy should include helping your her recognize such persons as non-threatening persons.

Do you have a regular babysitter? Does the Fed-Ex delivery truck make a regular stop at your door? If so, put your puppy on a training leash when you answer the door.

Show your puppy that this person is not a threat. Dogs go by scent. Your puppy will remember that certain people are not to be harmed or otherwise harassed.

Greet trusted visitors in a cheerful way that shows your puppy that aggressive behaviour is unnecessary. She’ll file this info away and your casual visitors will feel safe in approaching your home.

Do Pugs Get Along With Cats?

Introducing Your Pug Puppy To The Cats

Introduce her to one or two other friendly, healthy, fully vaccinated dogs. Let your Pug can join in with bigger groups once she has all her shots and has learned some social skills.

Make sure your dog meets some cats who are dog-friendly. Don’t let her chase them.This will start a life-long habit that will be difficult to change.

When you start socializing your pug puppy it’s a good idea to enroll your pup in a socialization and training school.

Your dog will be able to play with other dogs while to learning to obey basic commands in a playful environment. You will be able to learn how to communicate with your dog.

Pugs love to socialize and do very well in families that have small children. You will find that they get along famously with other dogs, especially their other pugs.

They will also be friendly with your other family pets, especially when they socialized with them as puppies.

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