Riding In Cars With Pugs Just Got Safer

pug in a car

Greetings, everyone. Riding with pugs in cars just got safer!

Here are some simple things to do, to make sure that riding with pugs in cars becomes a trouble free, safe happy experience for everyone.

Summer is the perfect time for a vacation with your pug! My pugs are crazy about car rides and make great road trip companions. As long as I don’t forget to bring along the travel snacks!

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Tens of thousands of car accidents are caused by drivers who were distracted by their unrestrained pets. Not only that, dogs that are not safely restrained are far more likely to be injured or killed in if there is an accident.

In a head-on going just 35 MPH, a 4-pound Pug puppy could be catapulted forward at a force of a 175-pound object. In an accident going 50 MPH, a 14-pound adult Pug would be thrown forward with the force of an 800-pound object!

That’s enough to cause serious injury or even death as your pup is thrown through a window like a rocket.

These days with more animals traveling, law enforcement is campaigning for seat-belts, car seats and other restraints.​

Doggy Car Seats

Whether you only drive your Pug to the dog park or take a long road trip, having one of those modern car seats is vital. It will drastically reduce car sickness, common in small dogs, but it may also save your little pug’s life.

For smaller pets, like Pugs, get a doggy seat that will allow your dog to comfortably sit or lie down while watching the countryside roll by.

I like a seat that boosts the dog just 4-6 inches but you can also go for a taller lookout type seat that will raise him as much as 6-12 inches. Allowing the dog to see out the window will usually mean a happier pooch while traveling.

The best car seats for dogs even have small storage drawers that house the food, water bowls, leashes, or other supplies you might need on your trip.

Dog Crates

For bigger dogs a travel crate will keep them in place so they’re not a distraction. In an accident, it will keep them from panicking and fleeing the scene. Crated dogs are more likely to survive a head-on smash, but they can bang into the sides of the crate and become hurt.

Whatever crate you pick make certain its big enough for your dog to lie down, sit and turn around in. It’s a good idea to get your dog used to his carrier at home before your trip.

Plastic reinforced aluminum with fiberglass is preferable because these are very durable materials.

The design is also important. Look for good insulation to be sure your dogs going to be comfortable all year round. Reputable brands should offer at least a two-year warranty.

Make certain the model you select offers good air circulation so your Pug can breathe easily. Your dog should be able to turn around inside his crate.

Dog Harnesses

These are a good option for dogs of all sizes. They are attached to the seat belt but little dogs will not be able to see out of the window as well and this may increase their anxiety and motion sickness.

Harnesses have improved a lot in the last few years, but be sure to get your little associate used to wearing the harness before you clip her onto the seat-belt.

There’s a wide range of strong well-padded harnesses available online.

I recommend keeping your Pug on leash and harness, rather than a collar. With this brachycephalic breed, a collar can lead to breathing difficulties or neck injuries.

Car Seat Covers

As a dog owner, you will know the sort of damage that can occur driving with dogs in the car. This may include rips, scrapes, stains, mud, dribbles, and a not very pleasant, lingering odor.

At the same time, dogs cause the driver to lose concentration if allowed to roam about freely inside the car.

The latest dog seat covers for cars are specifically designed to shield your upholstery from your dog’s sharp paws and teeth.

At the same time, it also ensures a slip-free ride for your journey. Yes, they restrict your dog from sliding off the car seat when you stop abruptly or make a sudden turn.

You can get a hammock pet seat cover for all types of automobiles. Fitting them is a breeze. This means there will be no damage to your car seat cushions if your dog pees during your trip.

Rules For Riding with Pugs In Cars

1.0 I’m sure you can’t avoid a smile when you see a happy fellow hanging his head out of a car window.

Cute as it may be don’t allow your Pug to hang his head out the window. Avoid getting mites, dust or dirt in his eyes or mouth.

It’s because of this joyful sense of freedom that it’s so hard to convince their owners that their dog would be equally happy tethered. It may be even harder trying to convince the dog!

2.0 Dogs love to sit next to their owner in the front. For their safety, especially if you have air-bags put your dog in the front seat. an air-bag that deploys during an accident can do serious damage to your dog.

The back passenger side is best because you can check on your pup in the mirror, and he will be able to see you and know he’s safe.

Number 3 Is A Biggie

3.0 Dogs can get very excited when reaching a destination. They will want to hop straight out of the car the moment you stop. It can prove tricky to get control of them at this juncture. Your dog is fired up and could easily just run into the road.

4.0 Do not leave a dog in a car in sunlight. Even if the temperature outside is moderate. Cars are airtight and become hot inside. If you have to leave your dog in a car for a short while, park in the shade with at least one window partly open.

5.0 It’s not uncommon for dogs and puppies to have trouble with car trips. Common signs of motion sickness include dizziness, nausea, and/or vomiting. When they feel like this they sometimes panic.

Ask your vet to recommend car sickness medicine and the correct dosages. This will be less like with dogs that are used to car travel since puppies but can still be a problem in some Pugs.

6.0 Make sure that your dog can see out of a window and open the windows a crack so there’s fresh air.

One Last Thing

Riding with pugs in cars should never be a distressing experience for your dogs. It should be fun and a good way to bond with your dog.

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