How You Can Tell if the Pugs Love Their Owners?

For some pug owners, it may seem hard to realize if their pet loves them or how they show their affection. When we talk about a pug’s feelings, its face may leave us with the impression that they are always distressed.

So if I love my pug so much how do I know she feels the same for me?

Well, you don’t have to worry about your pug sharing the same feelings as yours, because she definitely does and usually expresses it by way of her behavior, the general attitude toward you, and body language. They definitely love their humans and this is already a feature etched in their genetic heritage.

Their ancestry reveals that they are companion dogs and they follow their owners all over the place which means that no matter what we do, they are with us. How do they show their affection? Here are some of the signs that they show if they create a special bond with you:

  • Act like your shadow and go wherever you go
  • Adore cuddling in your lap
  • Constantly look at you with large puppy eyes
  • Cheer up when you enter the door
  • Try to steal your attention all the time

There is also evidence that some research conducted on the bond between humans and their pugs, sustains that oxytocin hormones are released in both the owner and pug’s bodies particularly when you spend time together, play games or your pug is just staring at you.

What do pugs love the most?

There are many things that they enjoy doing, such as eating, cuddling, massaging, sleeping, and most importantly, pug love game activities. They like to play with all the toys that they find interesting, and with humans or other dogs too. If they are trained, they can even play fetch, a game very familiar to dogs. There are other pug games that they can partake in and stir up their curiosity and sense of cleverness like a treasure hunt, food puzzles, and socializing with other pets.

How do I know if my pug is happy?

Many pug owners may be wondering “I love my pug! How to figure out if she is happy?” The answer to this is that although your pug may not be able to say whether there’s anything that upsets her or if she is happy, you may get an idea from what she expresses through her body language. Her face is not necessarily the best indicator, but you should look at their general state of mind. Some signs that show if your pug is happy:

  • Their face will crack a smile
  • Large puppy eyes
  • They are at ease in their environment and with you
  • No changes in the eating behavior
  • Don’t get violent with humans or other animals
  • They are involved in the game and don’t get bored

Why do Pugs love to cuddle?

Cuddling is one of their favorite things to do and this is what they wait for all day long until they come back home. This is mostly because they feel more special when you hold them in your lap, they can feel they are loved and cared for, and also warmth and affection, which is very important for them and gives them a sense of comfort. They are not bothered by sleeping on your lap, but if you have sensitive ears during sleep, you may not be so comfortable with it as they snore very loudly.

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