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Great Ideas to Keep Your Pup Happy – Best Toys for Pugs

Offering a rotating selection of the best toys for Pugs is important to keep your Pug happy and healthy! If you are a first-time Pug parent, you may not yet know much about the dog breed or what they like to do for fun. How exciting – you have so many things to learn about [...]

Pug Behavior: Destructive Chewing

If you had thought of your Pugs favourite activities chewing would be somewhere in the top three – not too far from begging for food. That’s because dogs use their mouth for everything. We are lucky to have hands and thumbs that let us pick and feel things. For dogs, their mouths work as their [...]

The best treat ideas for my loved pug

A tasty delicious treat has never failed to make a Pug happy. Judging by their small size, you’d be surprised by how much food Pugs can joyfully stuff away. So, of course, the best treat for your little guy would be something chewy and tasty. But you have to be careful of what and how [...]