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Good To Know As Pug Owners

Pugs are playful, perky and charming dogs. They are often rambunctious but are quite loyal. Overall the Pug has proved to be an affectionate dog with a happy disposition. Pugs are not fond of barking and are very sociable canines. They enjoy the company of children, strangers, and other family pets. They are intelligent and [...]

This Pug Hikes Mountains

Mack the adventure pug has been one of our favourite dogs on Instagram ever since we came across his account. This 10-year-old pug and his human Nate love to go on adventures together, camping and hiking all across the United States. Their photos give us major wanderlust, and remind us that small dogs can do [...]

Socializing Your Pug Puppy – Keep Her Happy And Active

Socializing your pug puppy is a key part of keeping her active and happy. Pug puppies need to socialize with other dogs. They need to be exposed to new challenges. Let them make use their amazing intellect, mark out their boundaries, do doggy things and see new faces. Quick Navigation The First Twelve WeeksIt will [...]

How Can I Stop My Pug Scratching And Digging In His Bed?

Hi, thanks for visiting. Today let's look at how you can stop your Pug scratching and dig in his bed. For most dog owners, who let their dogs share the bed this is simply a fact of life. You’re just about to go to sleep when your dog jumps up and begins to dig and [...]

Help! How Can I Stop A Pug Peeing Inside The House?

Hi, everyone. Living with a Pug that pees inside the house can send even the most patient pet parent up the wall. Today lets look at how to stop a pug peeing inside the house. I know, you may be frustrated about having to clean up the pee indoors but there’s little to gain by [...]

Ever Wonder Why Your Pug Stares At You All The Time?

Hi! Do you ever wonder why your pug stares at you all the time? You look up from whatever you're doing and find your dog staring at you. You check the clock; it’s not time to feed, not the time for his afternoon walk. Or you're watching TV and you suddenly get that unconscious feeling [...]