Introduction on How To Best Care For a Pugston Terrier

Pugs are a breed of dog characterized by some specific physical traits that give them a unique robust body structure, like their large face with bulging eyes and short muzzle, their short and thick legs, and serious facial expression.

They seem the perfect companion dogs given that they are very lovable, funny, and loyal to their humans, so bringing a pug into your home is definitely a great choice. Probably one thing that concerns you as a pet parent is how to properly care for your pug, so this article will cover some aspects you may look at when caring for your pugston terrier.

Food And Health 

One first thing you need to pay attention to is maintaining your pugston terrier healthy and fit. All pugs love eating and would not hold back from any food you give them. This is why establishing a good diet is paramount in caring for them.

Choosing the right food and the number of meals per day is dependent on the age and size of your pugston terrier. For instance, if puppies are under six months of age, you have to feed them at least three times a day, but if they are older you can adjust their schedule to two meals or one meal a day. 

The food quality must be very high, rich in nutrients with fresh water available all the time. A vet can best guide you in choosing the right diet for your pug, especially if you are quite unsure about what foods you can give to your dog, and what nutritional formula you should follow, based on the size and age of your dog. 

It is also best to avoid overfeeding your pug, even though you can’t say no to their “puppy face” begging for a snack or treats. Normally, pugs enjoy good health, but they can develop certain conditions, either due to genetic defects, traumas, injuries, or bad eating habits. Most of the health issues that a pugston terrier can face include eye diseases, breathing difficulties, encephalitis, and obesity. 

In order to ensure that your pug is healthy, you should take him to the vet for regular checkups whenever you spot a symptom of any of the above conditions. However, a proper diet and some physical activity every day will keep the vet away. 

A Daily Exercise Plan 

Overweight and obesity typically raise concerns for any creature, whether it be human or animal. We usually tend to amend our lifestyle and rein in the habits like bad eating or lack of physical effort, in order to get back in shape.

Pugs can get obese or overweight if they lack exercise and eat too much and that is detrimental to their metabolism rate and will make them more susceptible to other severe diseases. Therefore, exercise should be part of your pugston terrier’s daily routine.

It does not necessarily mean that you have to engage him in serious workouts, partly because of their breathing problems, but you need to ensure a minimum of physical activity for them. 

Hygiene And Grooming 

Although the pugston terriers have short and shiny hair, they shed all the time and for this reason, you should have a weekly grooming routine in place. As they love massage, you can massage their skin every time you comb their hair, it would be heavenly for them.

When it comes to ears and nose, you should clean them every day so as to remove the debris or dirt – it will keep the infections away. Trimming their nails frequently is another important part of their body maintenance, as their nails grow faster and they can harm themselves when scratching. 

The above tips are the basics of caring for a pugston terrier that every owner should know before adopting a dog in this breed. It is very important to know these things in advance because it implies daily commitment and your availability in looking after a pet.

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