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Hi, everyone. Today we will be looking at how to choose the best harness for your pug.

The collar and harness that you choose are going to play an important role in the health and well-being of your Pug.

If you’re wondering whether a collar or a harness would be the better choice both are important accessories for this breed and serve different purposes.

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Pug Training vs Pug Learning

For most breeds, the collar is attached to the dog leash. But for the Pug this is should not the best option because this is a brachycephalic breed.

The Pug’s flat features are the result of a smaller upper jaw, and the tissues inside are larger than the jaw can allow. All the airway issues that can result because of this overcrowding are referred to as BAS (‘brachycephalic airway syndrome.’)

Very simply, it’s the airway obstruction that causes symptoms such as noisy breathing, snoring, snorting, and tiring or collapsing during exercise.

A harness is the right choice for any time that your Pug dog is on a leash. Using a harness will free your Pug’s neck from potential injury and allows him to breathe easier out on your walks.

There is a wide range of harnesses available the best harness for your pug and you will want to choose the best harness for your pug.

Actually, I was looking forward to spending some quality time out on the walk with Gizmo and Bellamy this morning, but after a brief romp around the yard, Gizzie was ready to go back inside and take a nap.

Looks like he’s not in the mood for enjoying nature this morning. Maybe I should try again this afternoon.

Choosing A Collar for Your Pug

Although connecting a leash to a collar is not recommended, you will still want your Pug to wear one for other reasons. This would including your Pug’s ID tags and in areas that require it by law, proof of rabies registration and/or vaccination information.

An everyday classic dog collar is a matter of taste and comfort. You can pick from a nylon dog collar, real leather dog collar, or cotton collar in any colour or design you prefer.

I like a flat nylon collar because they are strong, odour and water-resistant, and lightweight. I always look for a quick release or breakaway clasp.

My recommendation is Rogz Utility Medium 5/8-Inch Reflective Snake Dog Collar – 10 Colors – Sized for Pugs.

This one is flat, with an adjustable strap that fits around the neck. It closes with a clasp that’s perfect for fast removal.

These collars are lightweight yet long lasting and you get, weather resistance and stitching only on one side that prevents irritation.

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How To Choose The Right Size Collar

For your dog’ comfort make sure you are able to slip two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck. This means that its loose enough to avoid constriction of any kind but tight enough that it won’t slip off.

Pug puppies sometimes wear collars sized for toy breeds, but since Pugs are the largest of the toy breeds an adult Pug usually needs a collar sized for small and medium breeds.

How To Choose The Best Harness For Your Pug

Choosing the proper harness for your pug will give you better control on your walks. I don’t know about yours but mine want to lead while on walks.

Comfort wrapped, strapped harnesses are the perfect choice for most Pugs because they suit flat-faced breeds with wide chests.

The strap width should be 1/2 inch for Pug pups and 1 inch for adults. Straps that are too thin, will pinch and cut into your doggies skin, causing discomfort.

The best material will be nylon because of its sturdy, odour and weather resistant and lightweight.

It can be difficult to get a pug to step into a harness and efforts to do so will cause your dog to become agitated.

I like to get one that has those easy ‘quick-snap’ buckles on the belly or shoulder. With these, it’s very easy to put the harness on and off in seconds.

My Suggestions For The Best Harness For Your Pug

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Ruffwear Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness

The Front Range harness has a really clever design that’s easy to get on and fit and adjust to the right size. The new design will be suitable for Pugs of all ages and sizes.

There are 4 points of adjustment that provide a snugger fit that is both secure and comfortable for your pug.

This one has padded chest and belly panels, that provide good load distribution and balance. The easy snap-on buckles make this harness very easy to put on and take off every day.

It has a reflective trim for added safety and a small pocket for your Pug’s tags and ID.

Embark Active Dog Harness

This dog harness is ideal for the rowdy pugs. The inner material is super soft, to prevent chafing. You have a full set of adjustment and customization features allowing you to get it on and off within seconds.

The tough upper lining will protect your Pugs back and neck structure and gives you better control. The easy control handle allows you to grab your dog if there’s a threat nearby or if he’s getting away from you.

This harness is uncomplicated and easy to understand and its been a favorite of thousands of pug lovers around the world.

EzyDog Chest Plate Harness

This harness incorporates a unique design and materials to create the best in fit and function.

The EVA Chest Plate on this award-winning harness forms to your pug’s chest making for a custom fit. Backing out of this harness will be extremely challenging for even the most stubborn Pug.

Reflective trim improves nighttime visibility and the included Seat Belt Restraint will keep your dog restrained during car rides.

The price seems a little high but you will never have to replace this harness due to failure or wear-n-tear.

Rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness

This harness fits perfectly. It’s very simple to adjust and is one of the easiest to get on. Just slide over her head and easy harness latch on each side. You will love that the front fits perfectly without gaps so your dog can’t chew on it. We really like the option to attach the leash in the front or on the back. The hooks are metal and not plastic.

Chai’s Choice Front Range Harness

There’s lots of extra stitching reinforcement all over this harness. Your pug will enjoy the comfort from extra padded inside, and the center of gravity is squarely on the chest.

You have dual attachment points on the back and also on the chest. Whichever works best for your pug!

The harness has reflective material for walks in low light, and a handle on the harness will provide total control when necessary. If you’re looking for a high-quality harness, this would be a good choice!

Which harness do you use? Why do you believe it’s the best harness for your pug? Let us know in the comment section below this article Thank you

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