Find out – How Much do Pugs Cost?

Pug dogs are definitely very popular among dog breeds. Who could say ‘no’ to a little dog staring at you with large expressive eyes and waiting for your attention by tilting its tiny head? The reason why people choose pugs as their pets despite their health-related problems is that they pick them for the good characteristics they have and think about how they can improve their living just by having them around. Pugs are extremely affectionate, they bond easily with their owners, are loyal, obedient, and distinct from other canines.

Moreover, they are low maintenance as they don’t bark too much or too loudly and as adults, they tend to sleep a lot, however, when awake they need all your attention. They are regarded as “toy dogs” or “clowns of the dog world” and have been positioned in the 28th place among the most popular dog breeds by American Kennel Club and their royal ancestry does not rank them among the most affordable dogs.

How much do Pugs Cost to adopt?

The costs of adoption may vary from one country to another. Nonetheless, adopting a pug is a lot cheaper than purchasing one, particularly when you are not looking for one of superior lineage. In general, the costs of adoption can range between $150 and $400 and they account for food and caring for the dog before adoption. Even though they are quite expensive to buy, there are some that get in shelters and rescue homes so you can get one from these places. All you need to do is to search for shelters in your area and read their policies and proceed with the adoption.

How much are Black Pugs worth?

Due to their color, as it is not very common, black pugs are considered to be more expensive. Many pug breeders consider color to be a factor in establishing the price.

But, except for the color, there aren’t any other notable differences between black and fawn pugs, they behave alike and share the same habits. However, when it comes to purchasing price, they can go a bit up, ranging from $500 to $800, but depending on their pedigree or superior lineage, those can go up to $6000.

A lot of people keep Asking: How much is a Pug?

For answering this question there are a lot of factors to take into account, as there is no standard price for purchasing a pug, regardless of its color. The price can be determined by elements like geographic region (location), quality of the breed (if it is a superior pedigree), age, demand, and supply.

The range prices can vary a lot, starting from $500 and spiking up to $5000-6000, depending on how much you are willing to pay for a show quality, purebred pug, which reputable breeder you are buying from, health status, etc. Expect to pay on average between $1200 and $2500 for a well-bred pug, based on your location.

Pug prices by location:

  • USA – $700 to $3000 (on the average);
  • Canada – 600 to 2400 Canadian dollars;
  • UK – 500 to 1500 GBP (660 – 2200 American dollars);

These prices can skyrocket to 200% and even 300%, notably if you are looking for high pedigree or show dog quality. If you are simply looking for a companion pug, you can as well adopt him from a shelter or rescue home and you will have to pay only the amount covering the expenses of vaccination, neutering, and food.

How many Puppies do Pugs have?

In the case of female pugs, the pregnancies last on average 63 days. They can give birth to 4-6 puppies, but if they have between 1 and 9 it is still considered usual.

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