How does the Pug life Harness work?

One thing to keep in mind when owning a pug is what kind of accessories are ok to buy in order to keep him safe all the time. So which one is better for your pug: a collar or a harness? Indeed there are pros and cons in both cases, but what do you need to look in particular when you buy accessories for walking your dog? Well, it seems that in terms of safety, a pug life harness is more appropriate than a collar or leash because they are small dogs with short necks and are well-known for their respiratory issues. Putting on a collar can make their breathing even harder.

As a consequence, for this type of breed pug life harnesses are more recommended due to their design that channels the pressure onto the dog’s chest and not his neck. The harness is simple to put on since all you need to do is to put the straps over your pug’s head and then fix tightly the side clips. When choosing a pug life harness, pick the design that is suitable for your pug and doesn’t impede him to walk by causing choking or discomfort in the neck area. They are supposed to make walking easier.

Why you shouldn’t use a pug life harness

Even though the use of a pug life harness is more encouraged in their case, many pug owners wonder why they should not use a harness on their little dogs at all. The answer may be that your pug is not entirely comfortable wearing it when walking and this makes him angry or irritated. Research also shows that you can better control your pug using a collar, as they get the message you send from your wrists and they are more distracted when walking by a harness than by a collar.

Keep in mind that a harness is not a replacement for a collar. A harness urges your dog to pull and since it’s attached to his shoulder, he will tend to struggle against pulling. In like manner, if the harness is not properly adjusted on the body or is not the right size it can lead to chest injuries as they may tug on the leash too hard and generate more pressure on the throat area. You should also avoid using a harness on your pug that covers his muzzle as he may find it uncomfortable due to breathing difficulties and may try to get it off by running and shaking his body – as a result your pug can experience neck injuries.

Are front clips harness bad for pugs?

Yes, they can be more harmful. Pugs are short-nosed dogs and for them, the best harness should be one with a back clip instead of a front clip. Some may suffer from tracheal problems and front clip harnesses can cause chest injuries in their case. A back-clip harness won’t press too much on the throat as opposed to front clips

Is it ok to leave a harness on your pug all the time?

There are no restrictions on how long you can keep a harness on your pug, but it serves its purpose to keep your dog safe while walking. Hence, when you are back with your dog inside you might consider removing it because it is not recommended to leave the harness on your dog when it is unsupervised – he might try to do something that can get him into trouble and harm himself.

Likewise, pugs are more sensitive, and wearing a harness for too long can make them hotter and irritate their skin if they sweat. If the harness is wet, it can produce skin infections so you’ll have to take it off as soon as you see that. Avoid leaving it on when going to bed because they may choke and breathe heavily.

What is the strongest life harness?

For small dogs like pugs, the strongest harness is the one that ensures their safety and doesn’t break or put them in any danger. A harness needs to fit their body shape and accommodate all functions like breathing and relaxed moving and most importantly, it doesn’t put pressure on their neck. These are some things to consider when buying a pug life harness:

  • It is made of comfortable and qualitative materials
  • Closures can be easily operated and fastened
  • Ensure high visibility and mobility
  • It is adjustable to the body shape

Where can I buy a pug life harness?

If you’re looking to buy a pug life harness, you can visit a local store where you can even try it on your pug to see which one fits better and also make sure they are high-quality. On the other hand, if you prefer online shopping, you can go to websites like and search for one. There’s a variety of harnesses from which to choose at an affordable price.

You can read through the reviews and specifications of every product and determine which one is the most suitable for your pug. Examples of harnesses available on Amazon are from brands like Puppia, Bolux, PUPTEK, and BARKBAY. Box Dog Harness, No-Pull Reflective Breathable Adjustable Pet Vest with Handle for Outdoor Walking – No More Pulling, Tugging or Choking Puppia Ritefit Harness with Adjustable Neck.

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