How can I treat my Dog’s eye infection at home?

Dogs with large protruding eyes and small pugs, in particular, may experience various eye problems during their lifetime. Eye infections are extremely unsettling and may be conducive to permanent blindness. They shouldn’t be neglected in any form by pet owners and they need to seek specialized care if no home remedy is efficient. Eye infection treatment depends mainly on the nature of its cause. These can also be treated at home by using plant-based ointments or eye drops.

However, if these don’t prove to be effective, the dog should be taken to a vet, who can better advise on the diagnosis and the suitable treatment. What is very important for dog owners to know is how to maintain good hygiene of their dog’s eyes and follow a daily routine of cleaning them. This practice can help to reduce the occurrence of eye infections. For pugs, eye infections and diseases are more likely to occur as their skull structure makes them more susceptible to them and they have very sensitive eyes as opposed to long-snouted dogs.

Most eye infections are caused by impurities and debris that get stuck in their eyes and are not immediately or properly removed. Other external causes include allergies, bacteria, viruses, injuries, foreign bodies, and allergies. Some symptoms that can signal if your pug is dealing with an eye infection can be:

  • Bloodshot and watery eyes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Immoderate blinking
  • Irritation
  • Eye discharge
  • Fussiness as a general condition
  • Itchiness
  • Swollen eyes

These are also the symptoms of some notable eye diseases that result from severe eye infections, like the cherry eye, corneal ulcer, dry eye, entropy, and conjunctivitis. Pug Eye Conjunctivitis appears due to infections caused by pathogens in the air and can be very painful for pugs. The treatment may consist of antibiotics like eye drops or unguents, but it can also be ameliorated at home by using wet pads soaked in calendula or chamomile tea for cleaning the dog’s eye.

Although it is not an infection or a common disease, due to the nature of their eyes that seem to stick out from the sockets some owners may raise the question “Can Pug eye pop out”. As stated, this is not a usual event that would happen in natural circumstances, but there is the possibility for their eyes to pop out when they are experiencing head trauma, injuries, or putting too much pressure on the eyelids.

How do you treat an eye pug infection?

The most common puy eye infection home remedy is the use of saline solution when cleaning their eyes. It is recommended though as a daily routine in order to remove any remains and eye discharge. In the event the infection doesn’t go away with any home remedy, you should ask for a specialized consultation. A vet can prescribe stronger pug eye drops and antibiotics and can also show you how to clean a pug’s eyes if this hasn’t been done right from the beginning.

How long does it take for a dog eye infection to heal?

Normally there isn’t a specific duration for an eye infection to heal. Depending on the gravity, if it is in the early stages it should go away in a few days if the treatment is working well, but if the infection is more serious, then it might take a long while, however, what is important is to be treated and your pug to show signs that their eyes are getting better.

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