House Rules For New Pug Puppies That Work Really Well

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Hi, thanks for visiting today! Let’s take a look at a few sensible house rules for new pug puppies.

Bringing home a new Pug puppy is going to be an exciting wonderful experience, and I have no doubt, you’re going to have lots of fun together.

Raising her is going to take practice, preparation, patience, and a good dose of common sense. If you do it right, this just might be one of the best experiences decisions you ever made.

Let’s start by creating some house rules for your little pug. It’s always best to make these decisions before getting the dog.It will be more difficult to teach her the boundaries if she’s already used to having free run of the house.

Try to make clear decisions that everyone in the family is aware of and make sure everyone is enforcing the rules consistently. If family members are consistent with rules, it will help her learn exactly what you expect of her, and help her understand the boundaries.

Here are my top ten list of rules I think are important when it comes to bringing a new puppy into your home.

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    5. Decide On Her Morning Routine
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    7. What Commands Are You Going To Use?
    8. Are You Going To Allow Her To Jump On People?
    9. Are You Going To Allow Table Scraps?
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House Rules For New Pug Puppies

1.0 Where Will You Allow The Puppy To Go In The House?

I suggest that you restrict your puppy during potty training and then gradually open up the house as she grows and learns.

To establish a trusting relationship with your dog, try not to too restrictive with the areas of the house you allow her to be in. Give her sufficient access for her to get plenty of love, attention and time with you and the rest of the family.

The kitchen can be a problem area, because your puppy may be prone to counter surfing. You may like to prevent your puppy from rummaging in the garbage. You may like to protect her from hazards like boiling water, falling knives or injuries when she gets underfoot.

I like to use pet gates to block off areas I don’t wish my puppies to visit. Pug puppies are intelligent and will quickly learn which parts of the house are open, and which parts are off limits.

2.0 Will She Be Allowed On The Furniture?

You can get her to stay off furniture altogether, or you can teach her to stay off unless you give a specific command.

Teaching your pug puppy that she must stay off completely will be the easiest to teach. The other option will take more time and dedication to teach.

In our house cuddling up with the dogs watching TV is a favorite pastime, so they get to sleep on the furniture.

Adult Pugs are often droolers and heavy shedders. Keep in mind that once your pup is allowed to jump up on the couch it will be difficult to keep her off when she’s grown up.

3.0 Where Will The Puppy Sleep?

Until your puppy has grown a bit and is able to hold her bladder until morning, allowing her to sleep in your bed is likely to end in disaster. It’s best to crate a puppy at night until she’s house-trained.

Choose your new little associates bed in advance. That way when she starts whining and giving you those hopeful little eyes you won’t be as tempted to let her sleep with you.

If you let her sleep with you in the beginning, you’re more likely to have a dog that sleeps with throughout her life. There’s nothing wrong with sleeping with her so long as you’re making the decision.

4.0 Who In The Family Is Responsible For What?

If you have kids you’ll know how easy it is before you get the puppy home for family members to promise they’ll feed the dog or take him out, but you and the wife end up doing everything.

Decide now, before she’s part of the family, what each person’s role is going to be.

5.0 Decide On Her Morning Routine

It can be difficult to coordinate schedules in the morning, especially if you have a large family Decide when and where your puppy will go out to potty and when she will be fed.

6.0 The Same Applies To Her Evening Routine

Who feeds her and at what time. Does she get an after-dinner stroll or a quick trip outside to potty? Will, there be a set bedtime or will she just go to sleep whenever she feels like it?

7.0 What Commands Are You Going To Use?

Some basics may be her name, leave it sit stay and come. Make sure that you establish which cues family members will use consistently.

8.0 Are You Going To Allow Her To Jump On People?

As cute as a new little puppy is when she greets people enthusiastically this is not a behavior you want to encourage.

Most dog owners have a tendency to ignore puppies jumping which leads to confusion later on.

When family members get home from school or work there should be a rule that the puppy should be ignored. She should then be asked to perform a sit/stay before receiving attention.

9.0 Are You Going To Allow Table Scraps?

It may be important to let everyone know not to feed the new puppy anything from the table. If your puppy thinks there may be a chance of getting a snack she’ll hang around the dinner table begging constantly.

Pugs puppies are great little beggars and those adorable faces and sad little eyes  convince you that a bite of your lunch is a great idea. Let her know that there will be no reward for begging.

If the kids want to give the puppy table snacks or treats get them to put them in her food bowl.

10.0 Rules For Doors And Gates

Puppies often end up injured or worse after being hit by cars after running away through open doors or gates. So let’s train our dogs not to go through an opening without permission.

Everyone will have to be careful that doors to the pool area or the road are nor left open accidentally.

Once everyone has decided on the rules post them on the refrigerator, as a daily reminder to everyone about what responsible for.

House Rules For Humans

House rules for new pug puppies are not the only ones that need to be set. Family members especially children should be clear on safety commitments and acceptable conduct.

Children have to learn how to handle a puppy. No pulling ears or getting in the dogs face.

Allow the puppy to eat in peace. Puppies don’t like to be disturbed when they’re eating.

The kids should never tease her especially with toys or food. This can lead to possessiveness frustration and sometimes aggression.

No hitting or yelling at her. A puppy doesn’t understand what she’s done wrong and punishment teaches her nothing.

If you have a multi-pet household your new puppy should not be left in a room with another dog unless they can be trusted not to fight.


Bringing a Pug puppy home can be a real game-changer. You can establish a happy relationship and make the adjustment easier if you apply these sensible house rules for new pug puppies from the beginning.

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