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Hi, everyone. Living with a Pug that pees inside the house can send even the most patient pet parent up the wall. Today lets look at how to stop a pug peeing inside the house.

I know, you may be frustrated about having to clean up the pee indoors but there’s little to gain by ‘punishing’ him – because he won’t understand what he did wrong, and there will be no real benefit.

Owners are sometimes under the misconception that their dog is peeing in the house to punish the dogs. Actually, do not retaliate or do things out of spite.

So, don’t yell, rub your dog’s nose in it or even worse smack your dog. He has no idea what he has done to displease you.

Dogs live in the moment and all he will be learning that the person he loves most in the world can be unpredictable and someone to be feared. In the future he will hide from you when peeing, making it even harder to train him.

Your little Pug will learn faster when you praise him for doing the right thing. With a new puppy it’s inevitable there will be a few accidents, but with an adult dog, there’s usually an underlying issue.

You need to find the reason why your dog is doing this. Your Pug will gradually learn that good thing happen when he pees outdoors.

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​3 Proven Keys To Success

There are three proven keys to success when it comes to finding ways to stop a pug peeing inside the house.

  1. Being quick to pick up the tell-tale signs.
  2. Taking your dog outside at regular times throughout the day (including first thing in the morning, after meals, and before his bedtime).
  3. Praising and rewarding your little dog every time he pees in an appropriate area.

Why Your Pug Peeing May Be Peeing Inside The House

Perhaps Your Pug Was Never Properly House Trained

If your dog has not been taught that outside is the correct place to potty, it isn’t fair to expect him to choose your designated area to pee.

The key is to teach your dog to pee outside BEFORE he develops the habit of peeing inside the house.

If your little dog has a long history of living in kennels – then there is a good chance that he hasn’t been properly house trained.

It’s easy for a puppy to slip back into bad habits, especially if he’s never really mastered this aspect of his training or when it has not been reinforced frequently.

It Could Be A Medical Issue

Although puppies pee and sometimes a rescue dog that has spent time in kennels may not be house-trained it is unusual for an adult dog to start relieving themselves indoors without an underlying reason.

If you potty trained your Pug and there have not been any previously problems but now your adolescent or older pug is peeing inside the house get your vet check for a range of possible medical causes. These could include:

  • Kidney disease
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Bladder or urethral tumors
  • Cushing’s disease
  • Bladder stones
  • Diabetes
  • Vaginitis in intact female puppies
  • Pyometra infection in intact female dogs
  • Side effects of medications
  • Aging (Incontinence)

Medical disorders increase urgency so a dog can’t get outside fast enough. When this happens your dog will go wherever we may be standing.

Housetraining Pugs

Your Dog May Have Anxiety Issues

Changes to a dog’s environment are a common cause for a dog to suddenly begin peeing inside the house. These may include:

  • Separation Anxiety
  • The addition of a new pet to the household
  • A new baby to the household
  • Death in the family or a favorite person going away
  • A new home
  • Changes in a dogs routines.
  • Over excitement (Some dogs lose control of their bladders when they’re excited.)
  • Submissive urination ( triggered by a stranger or the dog owner. )

Marking Is a Common Problem

Dogs do this by peeing on furniture, door frames or walls. Dominant dogs may try to assert their authority as the pack leader by peeing around the house.

This trait is often found in smaller breeds who have been spoiled rotten and allowed to get away with undesirable behaviour.

You can stop a pug peeing inside the house by reasserting your authority and showing him you’re the boss. Don’t baby him, apply firm training methods. For example: Have him sit and wait to be fed so he gets to remember that you are the pack leader.

Your dog’s claiming what’s his. Marking is instinctive behavior dogs use to claim and then to defend their territory.

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How To Stop A Pug Peeing in House

Your Pug is Peeing Straight After Coming Back Inside

Puppies – Before your Pug puppy is thoroughly house trained, he will pee anywhere. There’s nowhere that’s off limits. Everything’s fair game.

While it would be nice to know exactly when a puppy needs to pee, it can be quite random. Your puppy is slowly learning how to control his bladder muscles.

Adult Pugs – With adults that are fully house trained most will only pee inside if he’s inside without being able to reach the designated potty area.

Adult Pug dogs can hold their needs for 8 hours so plan accordingly.

How You Can Fix This:

Make a schedule for taking your Pug out and stick with it.

  • As soon as the Pug wakes up (in the morning and any time after arising from a nap).
  • Every 2 hours for Pug puppies and every 4 hours for adults.
  • Just before bedtime ( 20 minutes before the dog sleeps)

When you take your Pug out, bring him to a designated spot ( used only for bathroom needs). With your Pug on leash, you pick the general area; let your puppy choose the exact spot.

As soon as you see him sniffing the ground, or even cocking a leg to pee it’ll be time to take him outside or to the designated peeing area.

Stay out with the dog as long as it takes. Why? Unless a Pug has been holding his needs for a while, he may need some time for his bladder muscles to relax and release.

If there’s a chance that your Pug will pee as soon as they get back inside.To immediately stop a pug peeing inside the house , hold him in your lap. Puppies won’t pee when being held in that way.

Keep him there for about 10 minutes then carry him right out again.

When he eventually starts peeing outside, lavish him with praise and treats, so he will begin to associate peeing outdoors with your approval.

General Guideline For Pugs

Your Pug Pees Inside Only at Night Or Early in the Morning

Your dog may be peeing during the night when everyone’s asleep or in the early morning when you’re all still be in bed.

A puppy may simply not be able to hold his needs throughout the night. As they mature a few of simple adjustments can stop a pug peeing inside the house.

How You Can Fix This:

Limit Drinks Before Bed It’s best to make sure there’s a constant supply of clean fresh water available for your dog but for dog’s having problems going through the night without an accident it might be wise to limit their intake to 8.00 pm.

Adjust his dinner time. Dry food can cause a Pug to drink more after a meal than he would otherwise.

A dog’s body takes a certain amount of time to process food and water. If you find that your dog is going to the bathroom early in the morning, this would mean that from the time he ate to the time that he woke up the food was processed and waste was ready to be expelled.

By moving his last meal up by 1 or 2 hours, the time in the morning will be extended as well.

Your Pug is likely to stay sleeping if they don’t have to poo, so he will be waking up at a later time that matches your own schedule.

Your Pug Pees Inside When He’s Home Alone

Make sure you allow ample time before you leave for your Pug to go to the bathroom in his outdoor designated area.

While you won’t be able to stop a Pug peeing inside the house if he must go, you are able to control where this happens. Pugs tend to be claustrophobic and I don’t recommend leaving them in a crate. A gated area without carpeting or a well-sized doggy playpen is your best bet.

If you’re concerned about ruining your floor, obtain a nice sized piece of linoleum from your local home supply store to use as a floor for your playpen. He will have his bed, toys, food & water bowls right there.

If you find that you need to be out of the home for long periods get a friend or neighbor to pop in so your dog can have regular potty breaks.

If funds allow you could get a dog walker. After a good walk, your dog will be less likely to pee in the house.

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One More Thing about pug peeing in the house

If Your Dog Is Marking Inside The House, set up some pet gates or keep all you can close.

Keep a close eye on the dog. If he starts sniffing and circling the same spot this is a sure sign he’s getting ready to mark.

Just as his lifts his leg to pee, distract him will a loud sudden noise. Get his attention with a sudden “NO.” Put him outside.

This should stop a Pug peeing inside the house. Keep a watchful eye on the dog and continue to “NO” command him until the habit is broken.

It is most commonly seen in unaltered males. Consider having your Pug neutered. Sterilization surgery can curb and sometimes eliminate marking behavior.

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