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Cutting Down The Cost Of Pet Insurance

If you want to buy insurance for a dog that you haven’t yet adopted or bought, it is recommended to consider buying or adopting a crossbreed instead of a pedigree. An insurance policy for a pedigree can be costly as some of the breeds are more likely to develop a variety of hereditary conditions. Make […]

My Pug Puppy Cries At Night – Will Crate Training Help?

Hey, everyone. Thanks for all those lovely comments I really like hearing from you. Please keep them coming. Just last week our friends Wesley and Prim came over complaining that their Pug puppy cries at night. Pug puppies that have just left the litter often cry at night. They are crying frightened, lonesome and having […]

Can Dogs Get High?

We have previously written an article, covering whether CBD oil is good & safe for dogs. But what about THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the psychoactive part of marijuana? With cannabis being legalized in more states in the USA and other parts of the world, I feel this is something we need to talk about. Can […]

Raised Dog Beds – The Best Option For Pugs?

If you’re planning to purchase a new bed for your pug, then it’s safe to say that making the right choice can have a bigger impact on your dog’s comfort than you may think. What’s more, there are so many different choices available these days that it’s not always simple to pick the right one. […]

Why You Probably Shouldn’t Breed Your Pug?

Nothing is more adorable than a roly-poly Pug puppy. These little dogs only grow to a maximum size of around 18 pounds, so they are very small puppies. Pug puppies are an absolute delight, but they do come with some challenges and, if you multiply those challenges by an entire litter of puppies, they become […]

Top 5 Most Interesting Facts About Pugs

Pugs are happy-go-lucky little dogs and they have been known to develop a bit of a clownish side. This, combined with the breed’s friendly nature and gentle disposition makes for a wonderful family pet. Though these are some of the best qualities of the Pug breed, there is so much more to love about these […]

How to meet other dogs while travelling?

Whether you’re on vacation or moving to a new place, it’s always great to find a dog community to be part of. They can help answer questions, tell you about the most trustworthy vets in the area, and let you know where the best dog hangouts are. Whether you find a group online or IRL, […]