Whatever type of dog breed you are planning to get, whether it’s a Pug or a Yorkshire Terrier, being the caregiver of a puppy is both a lot of fun and entails a tremendous amount of responsibility.

You can also get your supplies from this online pet shop to help make your job a lot easier. Here’s a list of puppy care tips to ensure your pup remains in perfect health.

Visiting the Vet

Once you get a new puppy, you will want to book an appointment with a certified vet. Depending on the pup’s age and where you procured it from, you may be due to get some shots. In the event they aren’t due, you can get a health checkup for scheduled yearly shots.

Your vet will have to administer some vaccinations to your dog in order to prevent common issues faced in addition to rabies shots, which are required in the majority of the states.

Regular vet checkups will assist you in making sure your puppy has a healthy weight and also check for other problems such as heartworms. You’ll be required to administer these pills to your dog once every month to prevent mosquitos from potentially passing along heartworms, which could be fatal to your dog.

If you aren’t planning to breed your dog, it can be a good idea to talk to the vet about neutering or spaying. This will help in preventing issues with other dogs, eliminate potential health issues, and improves overall behavior.

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Ticks & Fleas

If your dog is going outside, you will want to consider bringing a repellant. We take along our dogs to the lake & woods and regularly pull ticks off of him. To prevent ticks during the spring-fall seasons, we utilize Frontline repellant to keep them safe from some of these pests. You’ll want to ascertain for sure and check up on them after you’ve taken a trip in the woods.


Depending on the type of your breed, you may have other health concerns you should have your eye on. And your veterinary can help you know what to be on the lookout for. Our lab keeps an eye on their ears to ensure they’re not infected & red.

More often than not, we clean the ears out using a cleaning solution during the summer to keep him healthy. There are a number of times we get some prescription drops, which helps him out.

Puppies Eat Anything

You should not that pups eat just about anything they can fit in their mouths. You’ll have to ensure there isn’t anything dangerous within reach. It includes things that might actually trash or break apart.

Our pup digs into the trash, so the solution was getting a locking trash can. But there aren’t many of these everywhere, so we just have to keep a lookout.

If you’re not watching your dog, he or she could end up eating something it shouldn’t, which results in you taking an expensive trip to the vet. One time, I was cleaning out ash off a grill, and before I knew it, the dog was already eating, which meant going to the vet.


Your dog’s teeth care is something that’s usually neglected, but it’s essential to maintain their chompers in top-notch shape. Just like humans, they develop gingivitis, tartar, and plaque buildup.

Vets advise you to occasionally brush your dog’s teeth with a dog toothpaste and toothbrush. You can also use a human toothbrush, but it’s recommended you use a specially formulated toothpaste just for pets. What’s the best time for a brush?

This is when the dog is worn out and has had plenty of exercises, this way, they will be a little bit calmer. Begin slowly, then check to see how the dog reacts. Our dog doesn’t have trouble when it comes to teeth cleaning, but loves licking odd the toothpaste even before his mouth!

When it comes to dog teeth health care, the earlier you begin, the better. The younger they are, the more comfortable it will be with the process and will, of course, set them off on a healthy path from the get-go.

Another way to care for your pup’s teeth is by providing them with a dental chew. We give ours a Greenies dental chew each day.


Every dog breed needs a different amount of grooming. This could mean getting a haircut at the local pet store, dog baths, or just some occasional brushing. Dogs tend to shed in the summer more, and we’ve discovered how using de-shedding equipment can help a ton. Unlike other brushes we have used in the past, he really enjoys this one.

If you want to bath your dog, you will want the temperature to be safe and use pet-specific shampoo. To make the experience even better, you employ the usage of treats. Ensure you get all the soap out, or it will be itchy.


Don’t allow your pup’s nails to get too long. This is an activity you can perform by yourself, or you can have it done professionally.

Extreme Temperatures

Under extreme temperatures, you will want to ensure your pup is safe. When it’s cold, please don’t allow them to stay out for too long unless they belong to a breed that can manage it.

During this time, roads are usually salted against ice, so ensure you’ve wiped their paws down after going for a walk. You can alternatively use Musher’s Secret to help in protecting their paws.

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