Best Harnesses for Pugs

Best Harnesses for Pugs

Pugs are a unique dog breed, which needs attention and affection, besides specific products to make their lives easier and healthier.

Obviously, their dimensions require specialized care equipment and products, but what you really need to consider when buying accessories for your pug pup, is their brachycephalic condition. Just as Shih Tzus, Boston Terrier, Boxers, Bulldogs, and many other small dog breeds, these dogs have a pushed face which affects their respiratory system. For this reason, it is better to equip them with a harness, rather than a more neck-constraining leash.

The Right Fit

It goes without saying, your pug needs to be comfortable in their harness, which means that the pressure should be distributed evenly among shoulders, chest and back of your puppy. In this way, I ensure that the dog won’t feel any discomfort around the neck and that they won’t have troubles breathing at any time.

Probably, your little friend won’t be super excited about this tight accessory at the beginning, but training will help you get them adjusted, especially once they’ll realize that harness equals going out for a nice walk outside!

To make your life easier, you might want to get a harness with snap buckles, so that it will be easier for you little friend to fit right into it. Trust me: getting it on and off will be so much easier this way!

So, don’t get frustrated if it takes a bit longer to get the pug into the harness, rather than with a simpler leash, soon they will slide into it like it’s nothing, I promise.


The material of your harness is a fundamental factor to consider when you’ll buy yours. Nylon is, among the many different you can choose from, probably the best material. This synthetic fabric is in fact very durable, light and resistant. Furthermore, it won’t retain odours – which will come on handy when it rains or your puppy decides to go play in the mud!

Remember to look for a few more features, such as a martingale in the belly area. This will help stop the straps from looping around, annoying your furry friend. Moreover, the straps shouldn’t be too thin, or you’ll risk hurting the pup applying too much pressure and causing them unpleasant injuries.

Finally, if your pet is still a growing puppy, the best solution might be to get a stretchy harness, considered that they will grow into it; instead, if your dog is an adult, don’t purchase a stretchy one, which won’t spread the pressure evenly around their body.

A Few Recommendations

If I convinced you, and you want to buy the perfect harness for your pug, here are a few recommendations as for which are the best brands and models around.

The first product I feel I should recommend is “Puppia RiteFit Harness with Adjustable Neck”, which is our choice in terms of safety of the dog.

The throne goes to this amazing harness, which is not only fashionable -with all the cool colours available – but extremely practical. In fact, it comes with an adjustable neck, perfect for the roly-poly neck of your pet. The material is soft and comfortable: in a word, perfect!

The second spot definitely belongs to Ruffwear Front Range All-Day Harness. This solution is very comfortable and fashionable: if your pups could talk, they would tell you themselves! It has two attachment points on the dog’s chest, which will give you a tighter grip when walking your pug. The harness also features reflective trim, so that you can take a little walk at night without worrying about vehicles. It comes in four beautiful colours and in sizes ranging from XXS to XL: for the puppies and the big boys!

On the third spot, I should definitely put Rogz Utility Step-In Harness Snake. The best feature of this item is the step-in style, which buckles on the dog’s back and allows for an easier time getting the harness on and off the dog. It is made of nylon with reflective safety stitching. It can also be purchased together with a lead, and they both come in several beautiful colours.

Finding the perfect harness for your pug will save you a lot of troubles when putting it on and off, and will make your little friend feel comfortable and secure. Choose carefully, you will find wonderful products at convenient prices!

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