Hug A Vet For Veterinary Week

Many of us have a pet – in fact, most of the U.S households own pets. Sixty-eight per cent of U.S. households, or about 85 million families, own a pet, according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA) in 2018. Unsurprisingly, out of those pet owners, 60 million were dogs. Sorry cat lovers, but most […]

Cutting Down The Cost Of Pet Insurance

If you want to buy insurance for a dog that you haven’t yet adopted or bought, it is recommended to consider buying or adopting a crossbreed instead of a pedigree. An insurance policy for a pedigree can be costly as some of the breeds are more likely to develop a variety of hereditary conditions. Make […]

What Is Pug Dog Encephalitis?

What many people love about the Pug breed are their friendly personalities and their adorable, wrinkled faces. Unfortunately, Pugs are prone to a very serious brain disorder called encephalitis that can develop quickly and is often fatal. To protect your Pug against this dangerous disease, learn the warning signs and symptoms. Overview of Pug Dog […]

Schedule Based Training

The Schedule Based Training (SBT) method is an effective and easy to use a method of housetraining your Pug. Of the major training techniques, SBT is easier to manage than both Crate Training and Paper Training. What makes it easier to implement is that it lacks the complexity of Crate Training and the abstract nature […]

Pugs And Hot Weather

Pugs are sensitive to heat and humidity, and because of this it is important to be aware of the conditions outside, and how long your Pug is outside. Temperatures above 80-85 degrees can be hazardous to your Pug’s health and have been known to cause heatstroke, which is potentially deadly. In addition to something immediate […]

How Much Do Pugs Really Shed?

The Pug is known for his small size, his wrinkled face, and his cheerful attitude. These little dogs may not be very big, but they have big personalities and a lot of love to give. In addition to being a very friendly and people-oriented breed, Pugs are also a fairly low-maintenance breed. These dogs don’t […]