8 Pug Behavior Problems Every Owner Should Know and How To Correct Them

These wrinkly-faced dogs are great pets to have  around due to their social skills they can make prove of. Nevertheless, they can also manifest certain behavioural problems which any pug parent should take into account and find a way to ward off. Behavioural problems are manifestations or unwanted reactions in certain situations. They do not … Read more

Pug Biting – How To correct This Issue Before It Becomes More Serious

Pug biting is usually a normal behaviour and it is fairly common in pups who tend to do it when playing with their owner or other dogs. However this kind of behaviour should not be tolerated at all times because it can turn into a permanent habit and have bigger consequences in the long run.  … Read more

Why Pug Barking Can Be a Bad Habit and How To Stop It

Most pugs become noisy when faced with an unusual situation, show discomfort, or signal the appearance of an intruder. The stimuli that cause barking can vary depending on age, temperament, living environment and other individual characteristics. It is important for you to understand the reasons why pugs bark. Because they certainly do not bark just … Read more

Are pugs aggressive? – How To Stop Pug Aggression

In general, pugs are known for being calm and don’t cause too much trouble or manifest an aggressive attitude towards others. As this is not always the case and your pug suddenly changes his behaviour and becomes aggressive, you should know that this can be due to several factors.  Aggression is a concerning behavioural problem … Read more