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Two Older Shih Tzu Dogs…One Perfect Home

“We are absolutely not getting a dog today.” This is what David Johnston told his husband, Danny Costa, as they walked out the door on their way to an adoption event. The plan was to meet dogs to figure out what type would be best for them, so that they would be ready when the […]

Senior German Shepherd Received The Gift Of A New Home

Sienna isn’t a dog who opens up easily. She has to get to know you and feel safe before she lets you in. But once she can trust you, she’ll not only be one of most gentle dogs you’re likely to ever meet. She’ll also be your friend for life. It’s perfectly understandable that Sienna […]

Backpacking Through Europe With Large Dogs: An Interview With Animal Trip

When Iria and Alberto decided to travel through Europe a few years ago, they elected to take their adopted Border Collie mix Kan with them. Kan has visited over 15 countries and taken nearly every transportation method available, including planes, ferries, trains and buses. Recently, they added Veña, a German Shepherd mix that they adopted […]

This 10 Year Old Mutt Is On A Two Year Trip Around The World

Eight months ago, Polish couple Izabella and Piotr Miklaszewski abandoned their normal lives and set off on a two year adventure with their rescue dog Snupi. Snupi, a 10 year old mutt that the couple adopted seven years ago, is no stranger to travel. The pup has traveled to 21 countries, been on four continents, […]

Travelling In A Van With Dogs: An Interview With Yana And Calum

When Yana and her boyfriend Calum decided to travel around Europe, they knew their two dogs would definitely come along for the ride. Luna, their 6-year-old Black Lab, and Alfie, their rescued Great Dane mix, had already been on car trips and loved life on the road. The couple saved up and purchased a 4×4 […]

Petting Dogs Around The World: An Interview With A Petsitter

Petsitting is the ultimate way to travel, spend time with animals, and save money. There are multiple websites that make it easy to find prospective house sitters who are willing to stay in your home free of charge and take care of your animals while you’re away. In return, they’ll get to explore a new […]