Your Pug Is Barking Too Often?

Like all other dog breeds, pugs bark, some more than others. Pugs are no exception. Because pugs can’t speak like humans, they bark as a way of communication, like birds tweet, cat’s meow, pigs oink, and cows moo. On this page, you will find all the information relating to pug bark like how much they […]

Common Myths About Dog Feeding

Are you concerned about the food your dog is eating? Confused about all the conflicting information available? Not sure if you are feeding the right food for your dog? Then join the club, as I was exactly in the same position when I first became interested in the science of dog nutrition. Unfortunately, I was […]

Two Older Shih Tzu Dogs…One Perfect Home

“We are absolutely not getting a dog today.” This is what David Johnston told his husband, Danny Costa, as they walked out the door on their way to an adoption event. The plan was to meet dogs to figure out what type would be best for them, so that they would be ready when the […]

Senior German Shepherd Received The Gift Of A New Home

Sienna isn’t a dog who opens up easily. She has to get to know you and feel safe before she lets you in. But once she can trust you, she’ll not only be one of most gentle dogs you’re likely to ever meet. She’ll also be your friend for life. It’s perfectly understandable that Sienna […]

Backpacking Through Europe With Large Dogs: An Interview With Animal Trip

When Iria and Alberto decided to travel through Europe a few years ago, they elected to take their adopted Border Collie mix Kan with them. Kan has visited over 15 countries and taken nearly every transportation method available, including planes, ferries, trains and buses. Recently, they added Veña, a German Shepherd mix that they adopted […]