Are Pugs Good With Kids

We welcome pets into our homes because we need to liven up the environment and have a new buddy to make our lives more interesting and full of meaning. Playing with a pet after a long and stressful day at work can be much reassuring and diverts our attention from negative thoughts.

Although we have to put an extra effort into ensuring the wellbeing of the little animal, we count more on its beneficial side. Having a pug in your family is perfect for any situation, whether there are kids around or not. They are small dogs, funny and reliable, and will do their best to crack a smile on your face every time you get back home. 

Many owners ask this question “Are pugs good with kids” and for most of them is a top priority because there are so many aspects to consider for determining suitability, especially when they have kids. These pets are children’s best friends, given that adult pugs also have childish, playful behavior. They can stay in their company for hours, but of course under close supervision.

Even though they may look like toys, they cannot be treated as such, so it’s better to keep an eye on your kid when spending time with pets. The pug is a dog compatible with family life. For this reason, it is very important that the puppies grow among their members and not be isolated elsewhere. When adopting a pug, you must be aware of where he was bred to have an idea of what kind of behaviors he can exert. 

There are cases when the kids can be allergic to certain animals, notably their fur, and pugs can be among them, and despite the sweetness and joy they bring to your family, you would need to be very careful at this aspect. But if your kids don’t present such issues, let’s have a look at what upsides these puppies can bring to them. 

A Pug Can Be Your Kid’s Best Buddy 

There is consistent proof that pugs are very kind to kids of any age, and there are for sure lots of videos on social media showing it. They don’t manifest any aggressive behavior and they also show a sense of protecting the kid, so there is no reason for you to worry if they spend time together. As pugs act like someone’s shadow, they will most likely follow your kid everywhere, thus creating a special bond with him.

And of course, they love attention, so your kid giving him a lot of attention will make your dog much happier. They can play together and engage in different activities, which is both beneficial to your kid and your pug, as well as boredom, would be out of the question. 

An Active Lifestyle For Your Kids And Your Pug

Playing together and taking part in all kinds of activities will definitely improve their life quality. It will also involve physical movement, laughing, and exploring the environment and this will lead to a good disposition and better health for both of them. Your kid will also learn what responsibility means, how to behave properly with any being, and how to take care of their pet. 

Conclusion – Are Pugs Good With Kids

As you can see, there are a lot of good sides to bringing a pug into your home and getting him involved in your kid’s life. Your pug will be very content with having someone around him and a buddy to play with, but your kid will also benefit from this by building strong self-confidence and will be more in control of their emotions.

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