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How Much Are Pug Puppies?

One of the tiniest dog breeds out there, the Pug is a popular breed, and there are many breeders raising this unique and lovely dog. But just what can you expect when you are searching for your perfect Pug puppy for sale? Let’s find out. We decided to write this article because loads of people [...]

Ever Wonder Why Your Pug Stares At You All The Time?

Hi! Do you ever wonder why your pug stares at you all the time? You look up from whatever you're doing and find your dog staring at you. You check the clock; it’s not time to feed, not the time for his afternoon walk. Or you're watching TV and you suddenly get that unconscious feeling [...]

5 Tips Tp Keep Your Pug From Overheating During Summer

As a brachycephalic (short-nosed) dog breed, pugs lack the ability to regulate their body temperature as easily as other dog breeds. In simple terms, dogs with “normal” snouts can keep themselves cool in summer by releasing heat and cooling incoming air. Brachycephalic dogs, however, lack this ability due to their unusually small air passages and [...]

How Can I Stop My Pug Scratching And Digging In His Bed?

Hi, thanks for visiting. Today let's look at how you can stop your Pug scratching and dig in his bed. For most dog owners, who let their dogs share the bed this is simply a fact of life. Read all article to not miss the bonus content special for pug owners who like to read [...]

Why Are Air Purifiers Essential For Dog Owners?

Millions of people around the world have dogs and other pets. While they make you happy and put a big smile on your face, they can be a nightmare in terms of air quality and allergies. In order to keep your home environment healthy and harmonious, having an air purifier for pets can be a [...]

What Is The Most Popular Pet In The USA?

So I have always believed that dogs are the most popular pet. I am a proud pug owner and I have always owned dogs since as far back as I can remember. According to the 2017-2018 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 67 percent of all U.S. households (85 million) own at least one pet, compared [...]

Toxic Foods For Dogs And Cats

Cats are true carnivores, which means they rarely prefer something different other than meat, milk, and products containing these. Conversely, unlike cats, dogs are omnivores (just like us humans!), which means that besides meat, dogs also eat vegetables and fruits for a balanced diet. There are a number of common foods that dogs and cats [...]

Top 3 Dog Breeds For 2020

Man’s best friend, aka dogs, are extremely popular all around the world. Their loyal, fun-loving, and happy behavior have created a frenzy of standard dog breeds as well as new designer dog breeds. With the help of We Love Doodles, here are our Top 3 Picks for the most trending dog breeds for 2020. Goldendoodle [...]